Collection: Lotusgrill

LotusGrill is an exclusive brand in the production of innovative compact barbecues. With LotusGrill you can make your barbecues anywhere: on the balcony, on the terrace, on a boat or camping.

It is in fact equipped with an innovative ventilation system with fan which feeds the ignition through the air inlet and allows temperature management.

The special design of the grill ensures that the fat from the meat does not slide directly onto the charcoal, thus avoiding the spread of smoke and annoying odours, guaranteeing
low-fat cooking.

For this reason, LotusGrill barbecues do not produce harmful substances (for example, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, nitrosamines, benzopyrene, acrylamides) like conventional charcoal grills.

LotusGrill is also very easy to use and handle thanks to its simple but sophisticated design.

Its double shell construction keeps the outer shell cold and always clean, allowing it to be moved even during cooking. The grill and the internal bowl, being made of stainless steel, can be easily disassembled and placed in the dishwasher.

For transport, simply place the LotusGrill in the practical bag supplied.