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Yankee Candle

Linden Tree Blossom outdoor candle

Linden Tree Blossom outdoor candle

Candela created specifically for the external environments. Yankee Candle by Yankee helps to create an open -air environment that seems part of the house. Natural wood cover- keeps the candle clean when it is not in use. Decorative tin decorative- material designed to resist the outside. Setting of fragrances curated- fragrances with notes that marry with the outdoor spaces. They contain lemongrass and other essential oils known to remove the insects. Outdoor stoppines- they remain on when used outdoors. Mix of single wax- the highest melting point resists the external agents. A decorative base. Information on the fragrance Linden Tree Blossomuna combination of notes that transport perfumes inspired by luxuriant water luller, airy glycine, linden flowers and lemongrass for your outdoor evenings. Dimensions: 11 x 6.5 h cm - Weight: 283 g Click here to see all the Outdoor Collection fragrances

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